ApexNetwork is rapidly expanding with over 50 locations spanning over 1,600 miles
A solid history and a bright future

over fifteen years of being the best in rehabilitation

Our philosophy at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy is quite simple – to be the best in rehabilitation. ApexNetwork Physical Therapy has been providing quality outpatient physical and occupational therapy services in an upscale environment for over 15 years.

From humble beginnings in a small clinic in Highland, Illinois, ApexNetwork began growing slowly and steadily. Within a few years of opening, we opened a Certified Hand Center in Edwardsville, Illinois and a second full-service therapy location in Effingham, Illinois.

As time passed, we continued to work hard; focusing on client outcomes, paying attention to the details, and building strong relationships. Using these foundational principles we soon found ourselves operating 10 facilities. In 2005, we experienced our first out-of-state location and opened in Springfield, Missouri. Although, this location was remote from our other facilities, we rolled up our sleeves and found success in building the business.

As we had the chance to reflect upon our growth, what we had learned, and the systems we had put into place, we thought how much more quickly we would have become a successful business if we would have had the knowledge, systems, and support served up on a platter for us to take advantage of. From this time, the franchise concept of ApexNetwork was born.

Little did we know that we would become the first physical therapy franchise offered on the market! We knew the model worked with our corporate clinics and were confident that it would work as a franchise business.  As we continued to grow and expand our corporate footprint, we opened our first franchise location in Wood River, Illinois, in 2009.

Not long after, the franchising industry took notice of our growing concept and we were recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine every year since. We have proven the franchise model again and again in each of our franchise locations, and in various challenging markets, as a viable and profitable business model. Our continued passion and desire to reach more individuals helps fuel our growth as we continue to expand into new markets and embrace new opportunities.

2014 proved to be another landmark year. Not only did we begin offering hospital inpatient and outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy in Greenville, Illinois, but we also entered the southwest market of the U.S. with a franchise location in the state of New Mexico.

ApexNetwork is now over 50 clinics strong in 6 states.  We invite you to become part of our growing network. Together we can be the best in rehabilitation.