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Healthcare Trends
Prevention & Rehabilitation

our field is going strong and growing fast

Physical therapy and occupational therapy are some of the fastest growing, most exciting, and rewarding fields in today’s business world. Take a look at the facts.

  • The employment of physical and occupational therapists is expected to grow 30% between 2010 and 20201
  • Every day 10,000 Americans celebrate their 50th birthday. By 2015, Americans who are 50 years old or older will make up 45% of America’s population2
  • Additionally, 89% of Americans older than 50 plan to continue working in some fashion once they reach retirement age3
  • With this in mind, health care reform legislation will increase the number of people with insurance and establish rehabilitation as a required minimum health benefit4
Therapy services will be critical in keeping individuals healthy and active as they age.


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