ApexNetwork is rapidly expanding with over 50 locations spanning over 1,600 miles
ApexNetwork Franchises

Why Franchise?

We have a strong analytical background with a practical “hands on” approach that is unique to the rehabilitation world and one of the primary reasons for our success.

Franchise Models

We offer a variety of business models that are designed to maximize profitability by providing you with the tools to optimize your business.

Our 7-Step Process

You will learn everything you need to know about becoming a franchisee. With our step-by-step discovery process, you will understand our philosophy of simply being the best in rehabilitation.


"I work from home a lot and am on my laptop, and because of computer systems that they use, I am able to track everything as a owner I need to from wherever I am at. I can be anywhere, have a question on something that I see, and contact anyone and they can answer any question that I have."

Becky A. – Franchisee

"One of the highest compliments that I have received is having patients send their family members. Apex has supported that by doing a lot of close community operations. They help facility and push open houses, community service, working with the chambers of commerce, trying to get you out in the community and interfacing as much as possible. If you are considering starting your own clinic, I would highly recommend evaluating your opportunity with ApexNetwork Physical Therapy."

Chris T. – Franchisee

"The procedures and protocols which are in place have made the process more streamlined and easier. ApexNetwork Corporate has been there every step of the way to answer questions and assist and by giving us connections they already had with suppliers and companies."

Kurt M. – Franchisee

"I have been a investor and franchise owner with several successful concepts in the past. NONE of them have proven to be as streamlined or more importantly, more profitable than an ApexNetwork Physical Therapy franchise! It is wonderful that the founders are young and continue to be active in the growth and operation of the company. This has allowed them to keep a pulse on business and the healthcare industry to continue to provide insight and direction. The ApexNetwork Corporate team is extremely helpful and supportive in all aspects of operating the business. ALL of them have a real pride of ownership and are a pleasure to work with."

Tim O. – Franchisee

"The franchise route was the best route because I didn’t have to make expensive mistakes. Apex’s support with billing, credentialing, human resources, marketing and advertising allows me to build a network in my region as big or as small as the region can sustain. It is completely scalable. Once I was committed to the process, everything unfolded as expected, as it should. ApexNetwork allows me to the opportunity to bring high quality services to an underserved region with a system and a model with a demonstrated track record. It then becomes my choice how far I want to take it."

Tim C. – Franchisee

“As a therapist with a business degree I have always wanted to own my own therapy practice. By purchasing an ApexNetwork franchise, I was able to open a clinic much more quickly and efficiently than I could have on my own. Their years of experience and attention to details have enabled them to compile invaluable information that is critical for successful start‐up and operation of a therapy clinic.”

John H. – Franchisee