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They are doing it, so can you. We have the support and knowledge to lead you on the path to success. Take a deep look into what our Franchisee’s are saying.

“The franchise route was the best route because I didn’t have to make expensive mistakes. Apex’s support with billing, credentialing, human resources, marketing and advertising allows me to build a network in my region as big or as small as the region can sustain. It is completely scalable. Once I was committed to the process, everything unfolded as expected, as it should. ApexNetwork allows me to the opportunity to bring high quality services to an underserved region with a system and a model with a dem0nstrated track record. It then becomes my choice how far I want to take it.”

“As a therapist with a business degree I have always wanted to own my own therapy practice. By purchasing an ApexNetwork franchise, I was able to open a clinic much more quickly and efficiently than I could have on my own. Their years of experience and attention to details have enabled them to compile invaluable information that is critical for successful start-up and operation of a therapy clinic.”

“One of the highest compliments that I have receive is having patients send their family members. Apex has supported that by doing a lot of close community operations. They help facility and push open houses, community service, working with the chambers of commerce, trying to get you out in the community and interfacing as much as possible. If you are considering starting your own clinic, I would highly recommend evaluating your opportunity with ApexNetwork Physical Therapy.”


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