Schools that provide CTE programs to High School students have ApexNetwork’s constant support and help in a student’s education. We would like to show that by spotlighting a student who has been a part of ApexNetwork since her Sports Medicine and Rehab Services Courses in high school.
During Mariah Delgado’s sophomore year of high school, she started learning about anatomy, injury prevention and care, first aid/CPR/ AED certification. She then moved into her second year course, in which she learned about more advanced anatomy, surgical procedures and the common physical therapy protocols that follow. She also was able to earn a first aid/CPR/AED for the Healthcare Provider, HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogens certification. After moving up into her third year course, she was able to earn school credit by working as a Sports Medicine Intern with the Athletic Trainer at her school, while receiving hands on experience with injury care and rehab. Mariah was then given the opportunity to observe at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy in Sierra Vista, AZ. Andrew Milligan and Tom Goulding, both Physical Therapists at Apex, were instrumental in educating Mariah about different healthcare careers while helping her gain more knowledge from their everyday work before entering her first year of college. Upon completing her first year, she returned to Sierra Vista for the summer and was in need of a job. Apex reached out to her and she began working as a part-time PT tech and will be kept on staff to help in the future when she is back from college again.
This is just one story out of many that shows the support that ApexNetwork gives to high schools around the country in hopes that CTE programs will keep growing and help to lead students on the right paths to their careers.