ApexBeth Hall, MPT, Cert. MDT, CEAS and Clinic Manager at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy in Glen Carbon attended a seminar on the Maitland Australian Physiotherapy Concepts for the Spine. The seminar was held in November of 2015. The Maitland approach incorporates three equally weighted components: evidence based practice, clinical expertise and patient goals.
The focus of this seminar was on the thorough assessment and manual treatment of the spine and extremity joints. These techniques are passive in nature and are directed at detecting resistance or limitations. During this process the patient’s symptoms are gently provoked using carefully graded passive mobilization. This approach is recognized as a safe and effective way to evaluate and treat orthopedic conditions with the aim of reducing pain, decreasing inflammation and restoring movement. As the patient’s symptoms are alleviated, the patient can then be progressed to strengthening activities. This sequence of physical therapy management aims to maximize function and enable the patient to resume his or her hobbies and daily activities.
For this reason, the manual skills learned in the seminar allow Beth to better care for a wide range of individuals including injured athletes and workers. Please contact her at 618-288-4233 to schedule an appointment or obtain further information or visit www.apexnetworkpt.com.