John Hettenhausen, MBA, OTR/L recently attended a three-day hand therapy conference titled: “ Doctors Demystify; Current Science for Hand Therapists.” The course took place from October 20-22, 2016 in Chicago at Northwestern University Medical Center. It involved an intensive review of upper limb anatomy, relevant biomechanics, and current perspectives on wound healing of the various tissues that constitute the upper limb.
The sessions used an evidence-based approach to teach relevant information related to many of the common conditions and diagnosis of the upper extremity. Topics covered included; wound healing, fracture management, tendon and soft tissue injuries and nerve conditions. Teaching methods included class lectures, interactive labs, hands on demonstrations and model making activities.
The information will be shared and disseminated with coworkers and staff at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy in order to maintain a high level of quality with treatment interventions of the upper extremity. For more information on hand therapy, contact John Hettenhausen, MBA, OTR/L at 618-651-0444.