The ApexNetwork Physical Therapy clinic in University City, MO is a Featured Business on Olive Link, a St. Louis community website.
Injured elbow hurting your golf game? ApexNetwork Physical Therapy, located at 7700 Olive Boulevard, has you covered. As a part of U City’s growing healthcare community, ApexNetwork has quickly developed its brand; advanced therapeutic techniques, outstanding care, and most of all, its’ expert staff who specialize in an individualized experience through human touch. In addition to great service, ApexNetwork is committed to the community they serve in U City through golf tournament sponsorships, Fair U City involvement and countless other charitable causes. ApexNetwork strives to keep residents healthy and happy through a unique healthcare perspective and a dedicated presence on the Olive Link.
Christopher Thomas, clinic manager and physical therapist, reports ApexNetwork has seen a steady rise in patients due to good business practices and referrals; word of mouth tends to spread quickly in the U City community. Their clients are often diverse in age and injuries, but ApexNetwork specializes in the physical rehabilitation of the injured worker and aquatic therapy. The business has close neighbors – Physician’s Choice Wellness, a weight management program, and Achieve Wellness, a multidisciplinary personal training clinic. All three businesses call 7700 Olive Blvd home. Since the building is designed for synergy due to the overlap of multiple physical therapy elements, the three businesses often work in cooperation so clients can receive the best physical care possible. For example, those participating in a weight-loss program who are unable to exercise on land often use ApexNetwork’s pool for workouts.
“ApexNetwork has built a reputation in the area for providing quickly accessed and great care,” says Thomas. “We schedule appointments within 24 hours of the client’s call and make sure we are communicating with the client’s physicians at all times.”
Visitors to ApexNetwork may feel a sense of nostalgia when they step through the doors. The building hasn’t changed much since its construct in the 1940s and is a great example of post-World War II architecture. Over the years, it has housed many different businesses, including a Jewish grocery store and consignment center for the blind. However, when local property developer Tim O’Donnell purchased the building in 2012, it had deteriorated considerably.
“It was a bombed out shell with trees growing in it,” says O’Donnell. “Luckily, we’ve been able to restore the building and give it all new guts.”

Renovations on the 7700 Olive building

 Patients are often amazed to see what ApexNetwork has done with the property and are excited about the services they offer, such as a pool, two gyms, a conference room and a classroom. Many of the physical therapy clients are U City residents, including those from the police department, local business managers, and members from the Chamber of Commerce.
“Residents here have an amazing pride about U City and Olive Boulevard – they are very close-knit,” says Thomas. “There’s a great mix of residents, industries and business that tends to have all facets of a great community.”
7700 Olive Blvd. 314-449-6467.
ApexNetwork Physical Therapy is growing at an impressive rate nationwide, as well as expanding locally within the St. Louis metropolitan area. The first ApexNetwork location in St. Louis opened in February 2012; the company will have 8 locations opened by the end of 2015.   ApexNetwork’s corporate headquarters are located just across the Mississippi River in Highland, IL.  They have increased from five clinics to more than 40 within the last ten years. Additional locations are in Missouri, Illinois, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. ApexNetwork looks forward to expanding and providing excellent physical therapy services to patients in a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Experience the difference with ApexNetwork.
Source: http://theolivelink.com/featured-business/featured-business-apexnetwork-physical-therapy/