MT. PLEASANT, WI – De Witt Physical Therapy is scheduled to convert to ApexNetwork Physical Therapy, a leading provider of outpatient physical therapy, on December 19, 2019. This conversion brings the acceptance most major insurances to the clinic which was not a previous service. This is the first ApexNetwork Physical Therapy to open in Wisconsin. The clinic is located at 6233 Bankers Road, Suite 12, Mount Pleasant, WI 53403 along Taylor Road.

ApexNetwork is excited to provide exceptional care throughout Mt. Pleasant and Racine County that its brand has become synonymous with. The clinic will staff licensed therapists and offer a full spectrum of rehabilitative treatment.

Dr. Jeanette De Witt, PT, DPT, LAT, ATC, NASM-CPT, NASM-FSN, PNMT-C and Owner, has over 21 years of experience working in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine rehabilitation plus 6 years of experience working in Industrial Rehabilitation. Dr. Jeanette states, “I am very excited to bring ApexNetwork Physical Therapy to Southeastern Wisconsin. Our philosophy is quite simple, to be the best in rehabilitation. We recognize that people don’t always feel at their best when visiting us for the first time, so we appreciate the trust they place in us. That’s why we do things a bit different. We really get to know people and why they are coming to see us. We find the root cause of their problem so they can get back to doing what they love. Whether we are serving businesses or local residents, we care for this growing community like they are family.”
ApexNetwork Physical Therapy offers each patient quality, comprehensive service. From here, our licensed therapists create an individualized treatment plan to suit your specific needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide an unparalleled experience of health and wellness, encouragement, and quality service all in a comfortable and warm environment.

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Our philosophy is quite simple – to be the best in rehabilitation. ApexNetwork Physical Therapy accepts all major insurance plans and provides a full spectrum of services including:
● Physical Therapy
We treat a wide range of clinical diagnoses affecting the back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, and foot. From injuries, sprains, and post-surgical rehabilitation we focus on pain reduction, helping you reclaim your mobility and strength.

● Sports Rehabilitation
Our customized sports rehabilitation programs focus on functional activities and sport specific training. We also help with injury prevention, management, and education, stretching programs, and sport & team-specific conditioning and training.

● Industrial Rehabilitation
The Apex Comprehensive Occupational Management and Prevention (ACOMP®) is a full-spectrum industrial strength program that address every aspect from prevention to injury resolution. Our facilities have warehouse environments, allowing for unlimited job simulations and work-specific tasks. We also offer Work Hardening, Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs), Ergonomics, Injury Causational Analysis, and Job-Site Analysis.

● Manual Therapy
Manual Therapy is exactly what is sounds like: the application of specific skilled treatment, manually performed by the therapist. This type of therapy helps increase range of motion, induces relaxation, helps control pain, and reduces swelling or mobility restrictions.

● Vestibular Rehabilitation
Individuals having problems related to dizziness and balance will likely benefit from Balance Therapy. Treatments may involve manual therapy and exercise-based therapy to help improve the vestibular balance system, while other exercises may be needed to improve balance control and reduce the risk of falling.

● Free Injury Screen
During the screen, a licensed therapist will meet with you to discuss your condition and provide a brief assessment of your physical and functional abilities. The information collected will help provide insight into the best medical options for you.

If you are a patient, employer, physician, case manager, or insurance company, ApexNetwork invites you to stop by for a visit. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please reference the following or visit


Our mission at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy® is to provide the most sophisticated, individualized treatment and rehabilitation in a comfortable and warm environment. In short, we want to get you back to everyday living as safely and as quickly as possible. How do we do this? It is really quite simple. We are staffed with experienced therapists who have advanced capabilities in orthopedic manual therapy, strength and conditioning, and rehabilitation. This enables us to treat a wide range of clinical diagnoses affecting the back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, and foot.
We currently have over 80 locations throughout Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin – and employ over 300 people. ApexNetwork has earned dozens of awards in its 20-year existence. Most recently we were named among the top 500 franchises in 2019 and Top budget friendly franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine, in addition to America’s Most Honored Business – Top 10% in 2016. We are a BBB Accredited Business and leader in physical therapy. Our services include physical therapy, sports rehab, occupational/hand therapy, industrial rehab, vestibular rehab, manual therapy, and free injury screenings. For more information, visit, or to find a location near you, call 877-224-4354.

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy
6233 Bankers Road
Suite 12
Mount Pleasant, WI 53403