A large majority of the human population has foot pain and injuries as a result of walking on flat and hard surfaces. The human foot bio-mechanically has been designed to walk on softer surfaces such as grass, dirt, or sand. Due to the unnatural hard surfaces that most people are required to walk on daily, “over pronation” occurs at the foot to adapt thus causing disruption of normal knee, hip, and low back alignment.
A physical therapist can assess foot injuries and lower extremity bio-mechanical issues that commonly occur. The PT is trained to identify structural alignment issues or soft tissue factors that influence lower extremity function and have possible implications for intervention. A PT can help decide if a prescribed orthotic can help with over pronation and help relieve pain. Along with physical therapy treatment for a painful condition, an orthotic is often beneficial to prevent re-injury by correcting bio-mechanical issues of the lower extremity.
Apex Network Physical Therapy has numerous facilities in several states that have trained physical therapists that can treat foot injuries and help with guiding appropriate orthotic use. Many Apex facilities have customizable orthotics readily available for purchase. Please contact an Apex Network facility if you have questions about the treatment of foot pain or if you have questions regarding orthotics.

By Eric Wessel, PT at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy in Highland, IL.