By Brent Garner, PT, Regional Manager
ApexNetwork Physical Therapy – Maryville, IL clinic

Nothing can damper your day more than when a terrible headache strikes, or worse when one continues to linger for days. There are many reasons why people experience a headache, such as allergies or eye strain. There are also many different physical causes of headaches. One cause that is commonly seen, and treated in physical therapy, is poor posture. A few postural abnormalities that can lead to headaches are a forward projecting head, rounded shoulders, and excessive upper cervical (aka neck) extension. These abnormalities are fairly common in many people and often caused by simple everyday situations like your work or environment. When combined with excessive or limited spinal mobility in the upper spine, and tight or weak muscles, you can suffer from a headache. Symptoms of this type of problem include pain at the base of the skull or pain that starts at the base of the skull and radiates, or extends, to the top and front of your head. Additionally, tightness and pain in the base of your neck and upper shoulders can also be present.
Clinically we are seeing a higher incidence of these type of headaches due to the increased amounts of time we spend in front of a computer screen or mobile device. Repeated and sustained use of these devices can promote poor posture positions leading to more headaches. Ouch!

So, what can be done about it? PHYSICAL THERAPY! Contact your local ApexNetwork Physical Therapy clinic to set up an appointment. Your physical therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation which will provide useful information to the cause of your headaches. In addition to educating you on the problem, possible treatment options can include modalities such as ultrasound or moist heat to help with pain, soft tissue, and joint mobilization to help improve mobility, as well as stretching and strengthening to help correct posture. So, don’t suffer from the pain anymore. Contact ApexNetwork Physical Therapy today.