In recent years, a significant rise in participation in youth sports has occurred with millions participating across America. Similarly, a steady rise in one-sport youth athletes with longer seasons, higher intensity training, and shortened off seasons has also occurred. This trend has led to injury rates far greater than in previous decades. Examples of chronic/overuse type injury commonly seen in the young athlete include:
Injury – Symptoms
* little league elbow – pain/swelling at the inside of the elbow
* little league shoulder – pain/swelling at the outside of the shoulder
* spondylolisthesis – specific low back pain
* Achilles tendonitis – pain/swelling at the posterior ankle
* patellar tendonitis – pain/swelling at the anterior knee

Complaint of pain is the hallmark sign of injury, however, parents and coaches should be aware of other common signs of overuse injury including:
* swelling
* decreased performance
* disinterest in practice or games.

Should your child begin to complain of pain related to physical activity a physical therapist will be essential in eliminating pain and restoring the body to optimal performance. ApexNetwork physical therapists pride themselves on being movement specialists and are well-suited to diagnose movement impairments that may be either causative or the result of your child’s pain.

At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy your son or daughter’s treatment will begin with a comprehensive assessment of their musculoskeletal system. From there, a treatment plan will be developed and education as to the best course of action for each stage of rehabilitation will be provided. Treatments commonly administered include stretching, strengthening, pain relieving modalities, manual therapy, and education on injury prevention strategies. To receive a prescription to address your child’s complaints of pain at ApexNetwork contact your physician.

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