ApexNetwork PT sticks the landing in Taos

By Kathy DeLucas
For The Taos News

As a child, Julie Davis was injured in a horseback riding accident. Now, at 67 years old and living in Angel Fire, she has left hip pain from years of overcompensating for the childhood injury.
Davis was the first patient at a new clinic in Taos called ApexNetwork Physical Therapy. She has discovered pain relief in both exercises and twice-a-week therapy from the clinic’s director and physical therapist, Meghan MacArdy, who graduated from the University of St. Augustine, Florida, and has been practicing physical therapy since 2015.
William Breland, owner of the clinic, has been practicing physical therapy for nearly 44 years, most of it in private practice in Wichita Falls, Texas, before opening the clinic in Taos.
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