Bernalillo, NM – December 22, 2017 – Valerio Tonelli Enrico, PT and Clinic Manager at the Bernalilllo, NM clinic, attended MT-1 Course Description (20.7 Direct Contact Hours/3.1 CEUs/35 CCUs) Course held in Signal Hill, CA from the 15th to the 17th of September 2017. The course is an introduction to the Australian orthopedic manual therapy concept, particularly focusing on the effective assessment and treatment of the Upper and Lower Limbs. Highly specific subjective & objective physical examination techniques were taught with particular focus on clinical reasoning. Methods of treatment practiced extensively in lab sessions for both limbs including: Shoulder (Gleno/Humeral, Scapulo/Thoracic, and Clavicular articulations), Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Hip, Knee, and the Ankle-Foot complex.
The course included a home study component of approximately 10.7 hours that was centered on literature review on specific manual therapy articles.
The course had a particular focus on many objectives including the following:

  • Accurately differentiate between normal and abnormal resistance to passive movement using accessory & physiological examination/treatment techniques.
  • Integrating the course materials to select, properly apply, and defend selection of four different grades of passive movement to various peripheral joints.
  • Understanding, discussing and explaining Maitland’s clinical reasoning model, including eight clinical hypothesis categories per M. Jones and D. Rivett, and correctly demonstrate integration of these concepts into an evidence-based clinical reasoning model.
  • Synthesizing and correctly applying and defending principles of treating pain and stiffness as per Maitland and other manual PTs.
  • Formulating, selecting and defending the most effective treatment & examination techniques for the peripheral patient based upon clinical assessment and clinical reasoning, rather than theoretical protocols.
  • Developing and refining evaluation skills in differential assessment and diagnosis.

The topics covered in this course will allow Valerio to better treat patients with orthopedic and musculoskeletal problems. To schedule an appointment with Valerio, please contact him at 505-404-8652 or visit for more information.

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