By Laura Scroggins, PT, Regional Manager
ApexNetwork Physical Therapy – Litchfield, IL clinic
Maybe you’ve been injured recently, maybe you are dealing with a chronic pain issue, maybe you are preparing for a surgery, or maybe you are in a lot of pain from a recent surgery. No matter what the reason is that you are seeking physical therapy treatment, if it is your first experience, chances are you are a bit nervous about it.
At ApexNetwork Physical Therapy, we take pride in welcoming our patients and making them feel like part of the family from the first time they walk in the building. We do our best to make sure we have everything in order on that first visit to set your mind at ease regarding insurance coverage, doctor’s expectations, and anticipated physical therapy outcomes.
Physical therapists are extensively trained in evaluation procedures to determine the cause of your symptoms. During your initial evaluation, the therapist will interview you asking a variety of questions to get the feel for your symptoms. Then a variety of tests and measures will be performed to determine what your functional deficits are. This will include range of motion testing, strength testing, functional tests, and special testing. All of this information will help the therapist to create a program specifically tailored to your needs taking into account the noted deficits and your personal goals. Physical therapy is not just about treating the current symptoms, but also about providing valuable information to promote lifelong wellness and injury prevention.